Residential drywall repair

Although a ‘DIY repairing sheetrock’ project may seem like a tempting option to keep drywall materials cost down, it’s often best to trust the experts with projects like these that have a direct impact on your home’s infrastructure. Gaping drywall holes and cracked drywall may be symptoms of larger, underlying issues with your home. For this reason, it’s important to hire a qualified contractor to handle all of your drywall installation and repair needs. Failing to do so may end up costing you more than just your drywall repair costs.

 Small patches, match texture and paint

From repairing drywall holes, to replacing entire Sheetrock wall & ceiling sections, we can handle all your drywall repair and finishing needs.

If your needing Knock-down, Orange Peel, Skip Trowel, Crows foot, Slick wall drywall finishes, HM Elite Construction has you covered. Matching drywall textures is an art, and we have years of drywall repair experience.

Residential & Multi-Family Projects

New drywall installation can really renovate any space! If drywall installation is on your agenda, HM Elite Construction has qualified contractors on hand ready to serve you. Whether you are looking to install drywall in a newly constructed home or replace old damaged, our home improvement contractors can assist you.

Commercial Buildout

We are a fully insured and licensed retail construction contractor providing a wide array of customizable commercial construction and build out solutions for shopping centers, professional offices and commercial operations of every size. Multi-site rehabilitations, major and minor renovations, new use projects, corporate Interior and Exterior “Face-Lifts” and more.

Touch up drywall and Painting. Finish Specialist

Our experience give us the opportunity to offer Realtors and House/Apartment Sellers the best price on the market to make look your house like new again!


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